I believe that health is a state of freedom from suffering on all levels of being. As you heal and your health improves, less attention is focused on those areas that cause you to suffer mentally, emotionally, and physically. You begin to focus on discovering new sources of contentment and peace and become stronger and more vibrant over time.

It is my mission to offer three mutually supportive healing modalities that may be used individually or in concert to attain vibrant health; Classical Homeopathy, Yoga, and GAPS Nutritional Protocol, all of which are holistic, gentle and effective.

I understand that healing is an individual endeavor; therefore, I personalize your care based on your unique life circumstances and symptoms. You may choose which healing modalities resonate with you; I create a plan to support your healing process. The White Pine Healing Center offers a supportive and nurturing environment for you to explore and understand yourself on a deeper level and live life to its fullest!